Annual Conference of The
Indian Rheumatology Association
Puduchery | 5-8 December

About Puducherry

Welcome to Puducherry, the little union territory on the coasts of the mighty Bay of Bengal. We here at Puducherry will ensure that all of you will enjoy the lovelymélange of science, networking, serenity and sanctity in its true sense. The richness garnered from its various colonial past comprising of the Roman, Dutch, French seamlessly blending with the traditional Tamil culture enriches Puducherry with a distinct colonial yet desi flavor.

A walk on the beautiful lanes of this city showcases the rich amalgamation of varied cultural and Franco- Tamil architectural heritage. The town is planned according to the French grid structure with long avenunes bisected by perpendicular lanes. While majority of the population in Puducherry speak Tamil, it still has a community of French speaking people living in the city. Tamil and French interestingly are the accepted languages in the administration.

The union territory is divided into two townlets viz. French quarter and Indian/Tamil quarter, which are separated by the grand canal. Elegant tall doors adorn the exterior and interior of many buildings in the French quarter. These distinct structures have long and huge windows with vertical cast iron bars as grills, ornate balconies, large courtyards, circular arched gates, columns, and stucco designs. The Indian quarter consists of colorful houses lined with verandas and pillars in the front with beautiful wooden doors at the entrance. The colorful, artistic ‘Rangoli’ made at the entrance of these houses further add to the visual treat.

Be it the ruins of the old Roman port at Arikamedu, the statue of Dupleix towering in the foreground of the blue oceanor the various large windowed facades of the mansions in the French quarter, this city has the sense of historic nostalgia all over the place.

The city was originally called Putucceri, which is rootedin the Tamil words Putu = Newand Ceri= Village/Settlement. With passing years and changing administration the name metamorphasised to the popular name- Pondicherry during the French administration. Though the city was  christened as Puducherry in 2006, the former name remains familiar among the locals and tourists likewise. Encompassing of 4 administrative divisions namelyYanam, Puducherry, Mahe and Karaikal, this union territory of India is named after the largest district – Puducherry. This make Puducherry the only Unioin territory to have each of the 4 districts geographically located in different states of India.

Puducherry has a harmonious ensemble of numerous temples built in the traditional Drāviḍa Style and a slew of century old beautiful churches representing the Gothic, French and Roman architecture. Besides these, the enshrined ‘Spiritualism’ and the ‘Way of life practice’advocated in the early 19th centuryby Sri Aurobindo and The mother are to this day relevant and draws hundreds of individuals from across the globe to the ‘Aurobindo Ashram’, and ‘Auroville’.

Several pristine beaches, where the you can watch the sunrise as you surf on the friendly waves while the fishermen push their canoes into the ocean decorate the coastline of pondicherry. For the more adventurous lot, you could explore the depths of the ocean scuba-diving into the Bay of Bengal. 

‘Time for an integrated and holistic care’ which happens to be the theme of IRACON 2019 is essentially reflected by the town itself, which holds in store a little something for each one of you!